Monday, February 8, 2010

bishop's quarter.

i love sundays because i get them all to myself, with absolutely no obligations to anybody or anywhere. yesterday i went out to bishop's quarter for four or five hours in the afternoon. as soon as i got out of ballyvaughan i found my way down to the shore so i could walk on the rocks and look at shells and seaweed and water and other sorts of goodies. eventually i worked my way out to the actual beach and sat around on the sand and climbed on the dunes and ate an apple. on the way back i walked on the main road in order to stop by the remains of drumcreehy church. such a perfect sunday!

i love all this seaweed everywhere!

these huge sheets of seaweed look like skin...

oh hey - finally a photo of me!

tiny little tracks in the mud.

bishop's quarter beach.

yes, i did write my name in the sand.


i stood in the water for a long, long time until i went out too far and got my boots all full of water. so cold!

this black sand is so fine.


drumcreehy church.

i'm a little obsessed with these bizarre grave ornaments.

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