Sunday, February 7, 2010

gort, fog, and spooky houses.

since there's no grocery store in ballyvaughan every has to get on a big ol' bus every other saturday and head 45 minutes southeast to gort. we get to a certain point once we get out of the town and then from there on to gort it's nothing but fog. i snapped a few shots from the bus window, i'm just always such a sucker for fog.

there's this huge turlough on the way and the water is so amazingly still that the plants get reflected perfectly, it's totally unreal.

this is the view from my house when the fog really started rolling in. i get so restless on buses so when i got home i went over to brid's house to get suzanne to go on a walk by the water with me.

facing west from brid's house.

clear, clear water.

this was right off the side of the pier. the water was so clear we could see all these icky crab remnants.

more icelandic swans.

where does the water end and the sky start?

this one's actually of the sky, not the water!

i love this photo of suzanne! where's the horizon?

we kept walking around the bay a bit and came across this super spooky house tucked back around a turn. yikes! i went up and poked around a bit while suzanne stayed by the water. i got the creeps too bad to do too much more exploring. i don't think it helped that the sun was disappearing and the fog was getting really heavy. planning on going back when it's sunny!

these buoys were so so so bright, even with so little light.

spoooooooky fog!

monk's pub from across the water.

walking back to town from the pier.

this is the intersection in ballyvaughan.

my house is at the very end of the road to the right.

good night, ballyvaughan!

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