Sunday, February 21, 2010

the burren four at monk's.

by now i've seen the group 'the burren four' play at a few different pubs around ballyvaughan, but monk's is the best! i'm usually awful at taking my camera out with me at night, but i made myself do it on friday night so i could share a little bit of the 'nightlife' we've got here. i love these guys! the man on the far right is married to anne, who works in the cafe at the college. he keeps telling me he's going to teach me how to play the spoons like he does. let's hope so!

whoaaa, monk's is hoppin'!

(this one's for shauna. sorry about the terrible quality, but do you remember this fireplace?! my favorite in all of ireland!)

every time they play he pulls out this puppet for a song and makes it 'dance' it to the song. so amazing! i've got a video of it but our internet connection is so slow it won't upload. ask me when i get back to the states and i'll show you! it's really, really, really fun.

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