Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cahermacnaghten, cahercommaun, and more fairy forts.

last friday's irish studies trip took us first to cahermacnaghten, an old Brehan law school. gordon read us some of the laws that the Brehan lived by, a bunch of which were pretty funny and seemed ridiculously frivolous.

after that we went to cahercommaun, which is a big fort on the edge of a vertical stone cliff. so cool! it was a pretty steep treck up there but totally worth it! and i don't think you can tell by the photos, but the fort was huge! and full of the longest, cushiest grass i've laid around on yet. i never wanted to leave it was so comfortable!

check out all these wild goats! they were running all over the place when we climbed up the cliff.

view down into the valley below. watch your step!

mmmm... laying around in the grass...

running around.

at the end of the day we swung by the fairy forts in the valley again. we visited them the first week with tim and i'd just gone to one the day before again, so i skipped taking photos other than these ones of people climbing the trees.

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