Monday, January 25, 2010

the burren way / ballyvaughan bay.

i make sure to walk either to or from school every day and take different routes. there's a path called the 'burren way' that goes more or less parallel to the main road which i've been taking for fear of being run over by the crazy irish drivers. it's an official path but it basically just cuts through pastures and then some dense woods and over some exposed limestone pavers and then through some more pastures. it's a really fun walk - even when muddy - and i trekked home at sunset the other evening and snapped a few shots. the next morning i went through town and out onto the dock and then around the bay a bit before heading to my studio.

the tower of the castle is still visible!


into the woods!

across the limestone!

that way...

over the wall!

past the sheep!

through the mud!

ballyvaughan from the pier.


almost literally got blown into the water at this point, it was so windy!



donkeys! (for papa! they hee-hawed at me like nobody's business)

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