Monday, January 25, 2010

galway, day 2.

some photos taken while walking around the city on sunday after a late night. we went to a 50th birthday party for a woman at the pub The Crane, which had live music both upstairs and downstairs. she was pretty delighted that we were there despite not being invited (or know her. oops.) went to a few other pubs as well and did the typical college student saturday night type of thing and had a riot exploring the town at night. i remember when we were there in 2004 that the city was super busy at night and i apparently remembered correctly - eyre square had more people in it at 3 in the morning than it did at noon. we spent most of sunday having a long, long breakfast, walking around the wharf and beach, and then going grocery shopping before heading back to ballyvaughan at six.

so many ducks and icelandic swans.

full rainbow over the city! i couldn't get it all in one frame, but the other half is below...

the colors of these shells are so beautiful.

look at these tracks on the sand!

while the others sat by the park i wandered down in my big rubber boots and stood in the water for a while. i don't think you can see in the photos, but i could see the mountains of the burren off across the water.

crazy ridges of sand!

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