Saturday, January 16, 2010


went on a tour of some of the turloughs in the burren with gordon d'arcy yesterday afternoon. turloughs are a particular type of disappearing lake that occur in the burren due to the high density of limestone in the landscape. they can flood overnight, with the water emerging up out of the limestone pavement and filling in a lowland with acres of water. generally they flood in the autumn and can stay that way throughout the winter before often draining overnight through swallow holes once spring comes.

the turlough at carran, the largest in county clare. this shot is only a tiny, tiny bit of the entire lake.

another rainbow! have seen five in the past three days. so crazy! no leprechauns in sight yet.

turloughs rarely freeze, but this one had some thick ice around the edges from the "terrible" weather lately.

most shy cow in the world.

gordon explaining the unique flora of the turloughs.

headin' home.

sunset over the emo station.

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