Saturday, January 9, 2010


we took a bus to Ennis today to go grocery shopping. there's a small, small convenient-store type place with a few things in Ballyvaughan, but all sustainable grocery shopping needs to be done in Ennis, which is about an hour away. Yikes! The ride is, of course, beautiful though so making the trip is worth it. Oh, and carraig is rock in Gaelic and aigean is ocean (go figure). That's just about all there is here, hence the title.

views of the Burren from the bus around noon today. so foggy!

weird hand sculpture outside of a church in ennis.

more things covered in horfrost.

apparently not everyone in ireland loves boyz II men.

a channel through ennis.

i took a few photos of the streets of ennis but they all look relatively similar so i will spare you and only post one.

wishing our hardware stores in the states were this fabulous.

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