Saturday, January 16, 2010

marie's house.

finally got around to taking a few photos around our little home yesterday morning before heading off to school. so sunny!

kitchen and dining room.

fireplace treasures.

breakfast! mmmm oatmeal with bananers and coffee.

living room. we have yet to truly occupy this space.


so many chairs in our living room. this is looking west out towards Cappanawalla.

our entrance and stairs and hallway and such. my room is the one at the end of the hall with the open door.

one of the bathrooms. taken solely for that beautiful color of the tile.

my wee little bed.

brought the dreamcatcher, of course.


of course, i only brought marquez. powered through it all already and am starting 'one hundred years of solitude' for the billionth time.

found both this card and this photo (separately!) on the walk home in the rain the other night. thinking of posting some "hey, i found your kids!" posters around ballyvaughan.

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