Sunday, January 31, 2010

dublin, day 1.

i took off for dublin at 7am on thursday. we took a whirlwind tour of the ireland museum of modern art, the dublin city gallery - the "hugh lane" with a huuuuge francis bacon exhibition right now (including a replica of his studio), and countless galleries throughout the city. we stayed at a hostel i the temple bar area of the cities, which was two doors down from the temple bar. i sneakily took some photos of a few great pieces of work at the IMMA and then at the kerlin gallery and the royal hibernian gallery, which were full of more contemporary works.

richard long at IMMA.

ann hamilton.

kiki smith.

views from inside the courtyard.

little white flowers.

braided tree.

bernar venet.
mark garry at the kerlin gallery.

kinji and tim with more mark garry work at the kerlin. following are photos from the royal hibernian academy.

large installation room.


"i will forget."

this is me pretending to be a president standing in front of a projection of the white house. i have headphones on listening to the names of all the presidents read backwards. contemporary enough for you?

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