Saturday, January 9, 2010

good morning, ballyvaughan!

first morning in ballyvaughan! apparently this is the worst weather they've had since 1942, so most of the country is staying home and we've been just about the only ones roaming about. the horfrost has been covering everything, even throughout the afternoon when the sun's shining.

view out of one of my windows facing west at about eight this morning.

view out of my other window this morning. the town is covered by all the fog, but it's just about a five minute walk down this road to get to the intersection that is Ballyvaughan.

same view out the west window at about 10 when the fog cleared up a bit! take note of the mountain in the not-so-distant background.

the cows i will make friends with!

so much for that one...

view of the back of the house, we have a nice large patio and the beginnings of a palm tree!

lots and lots of horfrost.

view south from the patio, as you can see two photos up there's a mountain far off thattaway as well.

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