Monday, January 25, 2010

cliffs of moher.

friday meant a trip to the cliffs! last time i was there i remember it being so so cold and windy and i was fairly miserable (and fifteen, which meant i didn't particularly care too much about seeing some cliffs). anyway, the weather's been really really great lately but friday was amazing from the start so i think we were all pretty pumped to spend it outside.

this is the view going up corkscrew road looking back at the valley. ballyvaughan is that grouping of white houses in the distance.

the cliffs!


don't walk into low-flying birds!

shortly after we arrived a rescue team was spotted around the cliffs and there was a boat in the water. apparently someone thought they had seen a body in the water so the garda jumped to the rescue. it was definitely a bit scary and i'm not sure exactly what to say about it and i feel kind of awful for taking photographs buuuuut i did anyway. they didn't actually find anyone and it was never confirmed that there was actually a person in danger, so we're just hoping for the best.

shaggy grass.

the aran islands.

jenny in danger.

the boat.

janine and brad.

john taking a photo of kelly.

john taking a photo of alyson.


this way to the orange slices in the sky.

nick and brad and john taking a photo of jill.

i held this tuft of grass for a long, long time. it felt like a horse's mane.

this is a photo of a photo in the visitor's center.

so many crows.

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