Monday, January 25, 2010

galway, day 1.

last saturday (january 16th) we headed around the bay to galway. some people - myself included - stayed overnight in a hostel (called snoozle's!). here are some photos from the first day there. we went for a walking tour for an hour and a half or so right away before we were set loose. my photos are just from the time on the tour spent being a photo-hungry tourist, and then i ditched the camera when we were roaming around for real.

a church! outside of this church was where the term 'lynching' was invented after a judge named Lynch had to hang his son for crimes committed. yikes.

lit that candle on the right.

quay street.

across the street from jury's inn.

we ducked into the museum for a bit. some of these photos are just for reference later.

aerial view of galway.

monster max.


photos of a television screen with images from the war.

so many duckies.

another church!


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