Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tuesday, the 12th.

got to finally move into my studio! it was raining all day yesterday so we stuck around the school for most of the day and settled in. i went for a long walk behind the school for a little over an hour and got my bearings and found some good things. came across some sopping wet, miserable sheepies. they stood around looking at me for a while as i did the same and then they started shaking like dogs! weirdest looking thing in the world! when i got back i ate the most amazing homemade carrot and ginger soup and brown bread and then really moved into my studio (as much as you can with next to no supplies!). i hit the studio jackpot here - not only do i get my own, but i have a little window and am right next to the radiators! no more wet socks or scarves for me! skipped taking the bus and had a lovely walk home in the rain to time the distance. takes about 35 minutes, which will be so good when it's not so windy. lots of beautiful scenery along the way, of course. i still can't get over seeing mountains all around!

studio prior to move-in.

ceiling. so much natural light!

alyson and janine.

view out of the studio into the courtyard. base of the castle visible!

all of my supplies.

looking up at a bit of Cappanawalla.

skeptical cows.

scariest scarecrow in the world.

barn with a great door.

my windowsill.

post move-in.

kelly and the resident cat! like yo yo meow, but black! and alive!
mary tells us that black cats are super duper good luck in ireland!

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